Hello, I'm Hassan

Skill Set: Blockchain / Web 3.0 / Dapps / solidity / smart contract / NFT / Play to Earn / PHP / @ LaravelExpert

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I’m a coder by profession, a money maker by trade, and a IT geek by heart. Let’s innovate.

I may have solid programming skills, and I also enjoy web development (most of the time), but the sad truth is that I am an awful programmer. I came to web development “the wrong way”, inserting blocks into my HTML code. As any awful developer, I had no idea I was doing something wrong :-)

“Since taking the “Laravel PHP Framework” I am now living the dream of being a small business owner / internet entrepreneur. I am absolutely in love with my new life, enjoying both the challenges and rewards that come with it.”

I really believe in the philosophy that you create your own universe. I’m just trying to create a good one for myself. I am alone & happy with myself, but… Life is meant for something.

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M.Phil./M.S Information Technology - University of Sindh - 1st Division

Systematic reviews are types of literature reviews that collect and critically analyze multiple research studies or papers, using methods that are selected before one or more research questions are formulated, and then finding and analyzing studies that relate to and answer those questions in a structured methodology.

BS Info. Tech. - University of Sindh - 1st Division

My 4 years bachelors of science in Information technology at Institute of Information and Communication Technologies at University of sindh was a wonderful experience, it is an incredibly valuable aspect for the rest of my life.

H.S.C. (Intermediate) - 1st Division

The time I spent in college is like a dream, I can't forget these movements when we friend are togather..

S.S.C. (Matriculation) - 1st Division

Hummm!! Playing Games (GTA-VC), Learning Computer, Photoshop, Video Editing like that stuff..

Recent Projects

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Best Ecommerce Solution Specially designed for pakistani shops

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Hi-Tech Admission Management System for University of Sindh


Web Development

90% Complete (success)
Laravel PHP Framwork 90%
85% Complete (info)
Object Oriented Programming 85%
85% Complete (danger)
AngularJS / Node.JS 60%
75% Complete (warning)
JavaScript / jQuery 75%
90% Complete
Bootstrap / CSS3 / HTML5 90%

Graphics & Web Design

850% Complete (success)
Adobe Photoshop 85%
80% Complete (info)
Logo Design 80%
85% Complete (danger)
PSD to HTML 60%
75% Complete (warning)
Video Editing 75%
90% Complete
Branding Flyer, Brousher, Banner 90%

What is Back End programming?

The "Back End" of a system refers to the parts of a program that the user doesn't see, but are vital to its operation. These are things like the database, which stores user information and internal processes that make sure the system stays up and running correctly These parts of a program may not be visible to a user, but they are vital to any system.
In learning how to work on the back end of a system, you'll need to learn different languages and frameworks that allow you to pull data from a data base, such as SQL. You'll also need to learn the languages that power the back end of system and allow it to push data to the front end, such as Ruby, Python, PHP, and Javascript.

Computer Knowledge

Computers are machines. Like most machines, they are made up of various, sometimes moving parts, that allow them to function in different ways. These hardware components have been specially designed over the years to perform their unique functions with different levels of speed, capacity, and ability.
For instance, someone like an office worker might have a small hard drive in their work computer, where they don’t need to store much data beyond simple text files. However, someone like an independent film editor or a digital artist might need a larger hard drive to fit all the video and image files on their computer. Of course, when we talk in terms of “small” or “large,” we don’t mean physical size. Hard drive size references its capacity, or how much data it can hold. We’ll get to this later


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